Symptoms and Treatment of Median Nerve Compression


                             Symptoms and Treatment of Median Nerve Compression

Nerves are responsible for sending important messages throughout the body. These nerves extend from your brain and spinal cord. If you have a nerve compression, your body may send you certain warning messages in the form of pain. Nerve compression can give rise to minor or severe, temporary or long-lasting problems. If you are having numbness, tingling, or sudden sharp pain through your wrist up to your arm, then you are likely to have Median Nerve Compression, which is also known by the name carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a painful progressive condition that arises due to the compression of a key wrist nerve.

Symptoms of Median Nerve Compression

Reports suggest that more than 1 million people in the United States are diagnosed with this condition each year. The symptoms of nerve compression include- sudden sharp pain, numbness, pain and tingling sensation. The treatment for median nerve compression consists of therapy, medications, splints or steroids. However, these treatments become ineffective up to 98% after 5 years. Moreover, there is an increased risk of developing nerve damage. Getting surgical treatment is recommended because risks of permanent nerve damage increase with the severity of symptoms and duration. Therefore, it is extremely important to consult a Wrist and Hand specialist to ensure better outcomes in relieving your wrist pain.

Treatment of Median Nerve Compression

A Wrist and Hand Surgeon will suggest you treatments depending upon your condition to ensure your problem is taken care of effectively. The leading surgeons use the safest and most advanced techniques to help patients treat their conditions. However, a traditional procedure involves making a small incision to visualize the nerves, tendons and blood vessels during the procedure. This further reduces the chances of injury and removing all the sources of pressure that could cause recurrence.

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